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l&mr mechanical swiftsure

The L&MR MECHANICAL collection was recognized with a Gold award at the  MUSE Design Awards 2023, an international design competition in USA and was also awarded as Winner at the prestigious German Design Awards 2024.  

Designed in the Industrial style and inspired by the era of the Industrial Revolution, the new L&MR collection is dedicated to the 1830 event: the opening of the Manchester-Liverpool Railway (abbreviated L&MR) in Great Britain, which served as the beginning of the development of rail transport, which was the crown of engineering and design thought, a symbol of the progress of that time.

The hallmarks of the updated mechanical models are a new mechanismMiyota 9029 premium automatic with 24 ruby stones – and its special key Hvilina-winder. The redesign of the back case now demonstrates the operation of the mechanism whose balance wheel is stylized with engraving. The overall design has been transformed to become more moderate and sophisticated and now boasts a dial design, refreshed with an added opening which demonstrates the mechanism part, an indication style and a new case design.


• mechanism – Miyota 9029 premium automatic: 24 ruby stones, 42-hour power reserve, 10+30 sec/day accuracy;
• front and back glass – sapphire;
• case material – stainless steel;
• quick-release strap – genuine leather;
• water resistance – 50 m;
• engraving – back case;
• stylized train image on the mechanism sector;
• case size of the oval part – 34х39х10 мм;
• overall case size – 39,2х51,1х10 мм;
• strap width – 22 mm;
• limited edition – 200 it.

The watch is available for pre-order with a special 10% discount. As part of the manufacturing process, watches are produced in parts. The second part of this model will go on sale in September: pre-orders placed from May 15, 2024.

1188 BYN 1069 BYN (Save 10%)
Shipping to the door and pickup point (CDEK, Autolight, etc.)
Shipping to the door and pickup point (CDEK, Autolight, etc.)

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th - 19th centuries became a landmark event in the life of society and led to industrialization. It was accompanied by urbanization of the population, rapid economic growth and an increase in the quality of life. This period of history was filled with a lot of new discoveries and bold decisions that inspired us to create the L&MR collection.

The concept was based on the opening in the Great Britain the first railway to rely exclusively on locomotives driven by steam power, with no horse-drawn traffic and the first to be fully timetabled.

The sides of the case in full-face are stylized as railway rails.

The new mechanism and its special key Hvilina-winder are the distinctive features of the new models. 

The unconventional decision made by our constructors and designers aims to diversify the experience of wearing wristwatches and tackle a range of technical challenges posed by the complex case with its stylized railway rails.

With its stylized engraving, the design of the key Hvilina-winder refers to the esthetics of the Industrial style.
The dial has been redesigned in a more moderate and classical style and now has an window demonstrating the mechanism operation. The highlighted mark at the 27th minute is a reference to an interesting historical fact: trains on the Liverpool-Manchester railway were running at a speed of 27 km / h.

In addition, one of the central features includes the redesigned back case. Its transparent central part surrounded by a stylized gearwheel shows the mechanism operation. 

The collection includes three models, differing in color schemes. Each model is named one of the types of trains that ran on the railway: Rocket, Phoenix, Northum (from Northumbrian), Planet, Swiftsure, Lion. On the balance wheel of each model is engraved a matching train and the date of the railroad opening.

The case material is stainless steel, with the water resistance of 50 m and sapphire glass. The strap is made of genuine leather.

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