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You do not need to register on the website to place an order.

Click the ADD TO BASKET button, go to the basket, and then follow the prompts to fill in the necessary parameters. After receiving the order, we will contact you and agree on the order parameters.

Click the BUY IN 1 CLICK button, fill in your NAME and PHONE number. We will receive your message and call you back to agree on the order parameters.

You can also call us and place an ORDER BY PHONE.

If you need the product delivery in Minsk or Belarus:

  • we will contact you by phone and agree on the order parameters and delivery method;
  • we will complete your product with all the necessary equipment and pack it thoroughly for safe transportation; - we will send your product to the delivery service for shipment;
  • the courier will contact you by phone in advance and agree on the delivery time;
  • the courier will deliver the product, pass it to you and receive the payment for the order.

If a product you like is currently out of stock, you can place a pre-order by clicking the pre-ORDER button. At the same time, after making a prepayment, the item will be booked at the original price, which was specified at the time of the pre-order.

Thank you for choosing our store. We are sure that our products will meet your expectations and bring positive emotions only.

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